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Jack going Snake-Eyes on the convoy was like Michael Mann directing GI JOE.

but Logan? Logan fucking owned this episode. His reactions in the limo and afterward were classic. What did it for me was the earlier scene as he was getting dressed while watching the announcement of his involvement on tv, those expressions...holy shit he is good.

that thing with the tie--did he button the top after he pulled it all the way up? Jesus, that guy. He's screaming and crying, pissing his pants, and then he's just laying on that stretcher, chortling and gargling, preening like a christmas hen. I'm going to miss him most of all.

Man, I wish I had kept watching 24; this shit sounds hardcore.

Parks & Rec (as the cool kids call it) has certainly gotten better in its second season, but the same was true of The Office as well; give the characters more room to breathe and develop, and they can play off each other so well. My favorite running joke is the pathetic nature of department loser Jerry, who everybody constantly and mercilessly mocks, with him pretty much never getting any redemption. He's like The Office's Kevin, but played as a sad sack resigned to a life of indignity rather than just fat and dumb; it's genius, and pretty fucking dark in that he never wins, each mockery hitting home and every attempt to stand up for himself brutally beaten down. If the series finale sees him committing suicide after getting fired a month before his retirement, I won't be surprised.

Matt, you could totally stick up a middle finger to the last few years of 24 and just watch the two latest episodes and still get something out of it.

Parks: yeah, sometimes I like the Jerry gags, sometimes i feel like its a hold-out from the Office's constant use of cringe-humor. That episode where he screws up his shoulder, only for the final reveal that he was getting a burrito out of a drainage ditch...didn't they do something almost exactly the same on the Office a couple of seasons back? That little scene where he made Anne think they'd made out was pretty great though.

The fact the same guys who screwed up Conan are screwing up Parks and Rec after so much improvement in the second season (by "moving it to mid-season" to make room for Outsourced, not by losing Paul Schneider or bringing on Adam Scott)... I just want to rant about that forever. Just forever. On the internet. At random people.

My favorite running joke is Duke Silver. And that was before I saw the Duke Silver website: "It has everything you've come to expect from the music of Duke Silver: the frenetic energy, the sexual tension, the saxophone."

My favorite website joke is April's bio entry in the Pawnee newsletter

My pressing query for the 24 Finale - how are they going to find enough people for Jack Bauer to kill? Also, how badly can Cole Ortiz be embarrassed by his declarative statement about taking Jack down?

Also, I wish I had written Sex Hair. Maybe the best song by a fictional band ever.

At some point this season, it become clear that having somebody as incompetent as Cole Ortiz for Head of Field Ops had a lot to do with his willingness to react to any complicated situation in sixty second increments. He has no memory, he merely acts and speaks immediately following stimulus. He's what Steven Covey someday dreams of becoming.

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