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So Fringe is pretty much a straight up American plagiarism of Doctor Who and Torchwood? Got it.

I have to say, I feel the exact same way about "Weeds" that you do about "Grey's Anatomy." I absolutely hate, hate hate all of the self-absorbed characters but I love the final few episodes of every season when fate finally puts them through the wringer and gives them the ass-kicking they so richly deserve.

"So Fringe is pretty much a straight up American plagiarism of Doctor Who and Torchwood?"

I say this as a lifelong fan of Doctor Who, but: there is nothing, nothing at all, original to the Doctor Who franchise to plagiarize, with the possible exception of "time machine disguised as a phone booth."

Breaking Bad: for a while I was convinced Walt was going to kill Jesse, simply because the logic of the show's narrative arc is bringing Walt to destroy everything he's got, and his relationship with Jesse, however fucked-up, is the closest thing to a functional family relationship he's got. Now I think Jesse's just going to get killed by Gus's goons, having been sucked into Walt's death spiral, which I guess is close enough.

And following up on Tim's last point: I'll admit that I might actually watch The Office again if they did an episode where Michael bludgeons Pam to death with a crowbar in a wacky, ill-conceived attempt to fit in with the group, and Jim responds by shooting a knowing smirk at the camera.

Multiple homicides, a coerced suicide, and an on screen miscarriage?

Greys Anatomy leap frogged 24 and went right into Rise of Arsenal territory.

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