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It should come as no surprise to anyone that at this point, Wire excluded, Lance Reddick is always going to be the best part of whatever he's in(Wire excluded because EVERY part was the best part).

Shit, your generation knows about Bloody Knuckles too? Is there nothing archaic anymore? I is dispraportionately bummed.

God, Herzog was great on that episode. One thing I noticed: has there always been this much spittle on that show? Every scene seemed to have somebody yelling, with a lazy bit of animation that kept their faces pointed forward and their mouths stretched off to the side, flecks of saliva spewing out like confetti. THAT'S TOO MUCH SPIT. Still, pretty decent, although MacGruder might have done better to just ignore the Obama issue if he didn't have anything to say.

Also, damn, I only just finished watching the second season of Breaking Bad, and I'm already jonesing for more (even if I found the season finale to be slightly disappointing). I gotta figure out how to download episodes or something, because I don't want to wait a year to find out about Hank's awesomeness.

Pontoon, you can take solace that I'm maybe one of 500 teenagers in this country who could name Lance Reddick if they saw him. Most of us give less than a shit about TV actors.

I suppose I should feel hopeful that people continue to know things instead of bein curmudgeonly that secrets are out. Hmm. I may be wired suboptimally.

Anyhow, good on you, Chris Jones.

Floyd Mayweather is kinda boring, but his Money persona is freaking awesome. I'm going to have to track down this show....

New Breaking Bad certainly was kick-ass wasn't it

Brady: I think they addressed it because everyone expected him to.

Also jesus catch up with Breaking Bad, end of the new episode was just fucking insane.

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