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Actually, stone age life can be relatively comfortable. It all depends on the local fauna, and on not taking it to let's-drive-ten-fucking-thousand-horses-of-a-cliff-and-swim-in-meat-for-the-rest-of-our-lives extremes.

There were horses in the Americas long before the Euros arrived. The nature loving natives drove them to extinction.

Man of Aran is one of those movies every person should see once. Because no one could ever be paid to sit through it twice.

They show it to you for free when you go there. And trust me, after you've been on one of those islands for a few weeks, you'll watch just about anything twice.

Wait a minute, you've been to the Aran Islands? Like, for real? Dammm.

Yeah, it was pretty great at first. Then I got kind of lonely. It's pretty angry and windswept--there's a lot of time spent standing on rocks and watching the ocean slam into other rocks over and over again. I'd still go back. Nothing else like it.

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