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I think long-term comics mercury poisoning has caused you to write action star Steven Seagal as comics writer Steven (T, for 'tentious) Seagle. Still, you are right on about Danes, who hasn't done any good acting for at least the second half of her life.

The dude above is a Vice Magazine "Do." This would be a great makeover for Alan Moore.

So wait, Tucker went and saw "Furry Vengeance"? WHY FOR FUCK'S SAKE?!?

Did Mamet write Ronin? I know John Frankenheimer directed it, and it was pretty cool. Okay, yes, IMDB says he was the co-writer, using the name Richard Weisz. Neat.

Myself, I like the talky Mamets better, at least some of them (State and Main doesn't do much for me). Glengarry, of course, but I thought Oleanna was pretty great as well, even if it might work better on stage. Edmond, maybe? Not my fave, still fun times. But yeah, Spartan, Redbelt, The Edge, those are all pretty awesome. Mamet!

Homicide, Matt. Homicide is the Mamet movie to beat.

YAY! I'm glad to hear Redbelt is awesome. It's a movie I wanted to see in the theater, but didn't for some reason, but I bought it for $1 at a Blockbuster that was going out of business.

Matt, I actually liked State & Main. It made me laugh. It's cool you didn't, I'm just a bit surprised because normally I agree with everything you say.

Ronin was an awesome movie, too. I think that's Mamet's best movie so far. I need to see Glengarry - I've only heard awesome stuff about it. When both Jim Rome and someone from the comic blogsosphere like something, it has to be *awesome*.

Redbelt was great until the ending, which makes no sense and kinda wrecked the whole thing for me.

I've never seen Redbelt, although i've always meant to. I'm with Mautner for now though-Homicide is a fantastic piece of work. Ronin's great, but I have a hard time believing Mamet would've pulled off that chase scene, it's pure Frankenheimer.

Chris Allen: I should probably fix that typo, but that particular review has a special place in my heart. Unsolicited email reviews of movies that gestate in old inboxes: it just feels wrong to change it now.

I wasn't sure if I'd seen Homicide, but I remembered that I did. Yes, it's great. "Do you see?"

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