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Mister Whiny-pants is a bit harsh. The old dude survived at least 2 encounters with a vampire and a train crash! He's hard-core! I bet he kicked the newsboy's ass on the way into the bookstore so the newsboy would have a real headline!

But yeah, the Skinner story is kinda...blah. I like the Pearl story better, too.

I haven't read any of the Mouse Guard anthology yet. I...*sheepish tone*...bought the RPG book and I'm reading that as my current Mouse Guard fix....

The next regular Mouse Guard book, "The Black Axe" is due out in three months I believe. At least it was list the most recent Previews...

Hey Kenny and LurkerWithout! I just wanted to give a little shout out to you both and say thanks for being regular readers/commenters. I haven't had much time in the past few (many?) months to get online and trade comments. But I'm on my summer schedule now!!! So, I can comment and chit chat to my hearts content. :)

Anyhow...thank you both.. And yeah, I look forward to "The Black Axe." I guess when it comes down to it, I'm not really "dating" Mouse Guard right now. It's like I'm dating Mouse Guard's step-cousin once removed, or something like that. So, there's still a place in my heart for the REAL Mouse Guard.

Kenny, that's a finely designed book, isn't it? Even if you never play it, it's worth the purchase.

Nina, I'm really enjoying your column. I don't have anything else to add other than keep them coming!

So, you're still a furry, right?

Hey Nina,

I don't know if Tucker told you, but I ran into him last weekend. My wife wants to invite you guys out to dinner with us sometime. Hopefully it can work out.


Yeah, it's a really nicely done book. It actually makes me want to play the game sometime! ^_^

Ms. Stone, it was you who convinced me to give "Mouse Guard" a shot (via your review of the issue wif the fight against the owl,) so this is probably a good place to say thank you. Good recommend there.

I still hope to shove "Ultra" in front of the speeding sedan of your fancy.

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