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I've never even heard of The Thick of It, and I wasn't really captivated by Deadwood like everyone else was, but everything else you mentioned was top flight television. I'd add the Boondocks to that list, too.

I like Kitchen Nightmares better than Hell's Kitchen because it's fun to root for or against a restaurant making it rather than opening my own restaurant and having a horse in the race.

I was considering covering that awful-looking True Beauty show, just to subject myself to some apparently stupid reality TV and see if I could write anything interesting about it, but I guess I missed it on Monday. Eh, maybe next week.

True Beauty--is that the Tyra show?

Kenny-you should watch The Thick of It. That show was (is?) incredibly good.

MJB - If you cover True Beauty, you have to promise to refer to its Tyra/Ashton Kutcher producing team as Tyrash.

Damn, I think you guys sold me. I actually watched it on Hulu (for some reason), and there's plenty to write about, for at least one installment. How to express the revulsion and bewilderment I'm feeling?

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