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Why am I the first to comment on this? I don't even have anything worthwhile to say, I don't watch television anymore...

Reality shows and Gordon fucking Ramsey?

MJB - Niiiiice uses of "Tyrash." My favorite part of last year's True Beauty was that at the end of every episode they'd have some sort of weak test that the two up for elimination had to complete without knowing they were being tested. One week it was literally picking up a piece of garbage. The next week it was helping a lost little girl find her mom. But here's the thing: these things always happened on the EXACT SAME corner in Hollywood.

Also, if I walked around NYC doing all of the good samaritan shit they promote on that show, I would never make it out of my neighborhood. Plus, I would have stolen that shit in a heartbeat.

TS - I'm pretty sure that Autumn was also the lead chick in Ninja Assassin.

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