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Ah ha ha ha, reality TV sucks.

The main difference between Hell's Kitchen and other reality television is that Hell's Kitchen is probably the worst show I've ever seen in my life.

And that's including Flava of Love 2.

I've had worse one night stands.

Yeah. Worse than this? http://www.fox.com/hellskitchen/video/?c=hellskitchen-latest&p=503996&s=5046105&i=596976

Re: the Breaking Bad: After it's all done, you have to realize that these things happened: Walt got in Silent Vic's car and rode. He didn't drive. Victor drove. Walt was sitting there while Victor drove, and he had nothing to do but think.

Then he got to where Mike was and won an acting award where your prize is your heart gets to keep beating. He hit his marks and moved his plot forward so that the scene he is playing gets to end with him making a phone call to Jesse Pinkman.

Then, when he's dropped his bomb, the sniveling is done with, and he takes a bow.

The look on Mike's face is great, too. It says, "I'll be damned. No one could have EVER guessed that this guy is one HARD man"

It's cool.

About 35 minutes into last week's 2 hour Hell's Kitchen I turned to my wife and said, "Are you actually enjoying this?" Neither of us could answer that question with a yes, so I don't think we'll be watching any more of this abortion of a program.

You want to see why Ramsay is so popular, watch the British version of Kitchen Nightmares. That is one fantastic show, even though the American version is shit.

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