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Just watched "Stray Dog" recently. Awesome movie. Mifune is superb in it...

I'm glad you guys liked "Stray Dog", that movie is awesome. I've definitely gotta jump on some more Kurosawa movies and I'm glad I'm not the only person who cried bullshit at Millar stealing the plot of that movie for the opening scene of his comic. I'm also glad to see all of my thoughts about the A-Team movie more or less confirmed.

I recall that Fletch movie being pretty entertaining when I was 10.

Maybe I'll go see the A-Team anyway.

Anyone see Lourdes? I really enjoyed its treatment of the tension between the roles of women as religious and sexual fetish objects, but I could see people thinking its too slow...

I've seen several Kurosawas, but only Stray Dog out of this batch; yeah, it's a good one. I do really want to watch the others, of course. By the way, isn't The Bad Sleep Well supposed to be a loose adaptation of Hamlet, as one of several Shakespeare adaptations that Kurosawa did? Man, I gotta watch that one.

I think wikipedia says that High and Low is kind of like Macbeth, if Macbeth had a better wife, which is kind of funny.

I just finished watching Sanjuro and I wish I'd watched it sooner. That flick was amazing, and the blu-ray I picked up also has this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZR2KM8Ff0r0 which is a pretty good reflection of how serious things get. Sure, you have Mifune and Nakadai doing serious samurai things, but there's a lot of jokes, and them walking through the modern day in full make-up is great.

Matthew-- VizCinema in Japantown did a short Kurosawa film festival and I caught all of them in their ugly, scratchy, probably monoaural glory. It was a great time.

Throne of Blood - Macbeth, Ran - King Lear.

Everyone's always all about Kurosawa's long collaboration with Mifune, but it's Shimura who always grabs my attention, even when he's in a small role. Nice to see him getting props in your reviews.

My favorite part of A-Team was when George Peppard told B.A that Gandhi wanted him to kill all the white people. That's pretty much exactly what I hear in my head everytime I'm at a Target, so I'm happy that the voices in my head finally got a big budget Hollywood treatment.

It drove me crazy they kept calling him B.A. by his first name, though, like suddenly it's v4 Legion. Just call him B.A! I felt like every single shot in that movie was someone in silhouette in front of a very brightly lit background, though.

Also: Jason Patrick in Losers > Patrick Wilson in A-Team (even though the Losers was not nearly as good). I'm hoping Wilson Phillips is in the Expendables to keep the chain going, though.

Also, yes: Sanjuro! Yes to Sanjuro!

Shimura is incredible. He's not as showy as Mifune, and he doesn't have the crazy/fascinating backstory, but the more I watch the guy, the more there is to what he does. I'm an unabashed nerd for Ikiru.

Abhay: well, shit. I've got to see Losers than, because Patrick Wilson fucking killed me.

David: whenever you get done with that shelf of comics, you should read Emperor and the Wolf. Dual bio on Kurosawa/Mifune and all their films together. Lots of trivia, but a decent bit of substance as well.

Wait, hold the phone.

You liked Gamer?

I'm super curious as to why.

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