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You mean to tell me that Casey Jones is in The Killer Inside Me? That just shot up to must-watch.

This site surprises me pretty often. I'm awful jaded, too. I always assume I'm pretty much the only person who's seen Tavernier's "Coup de Torchon," or Stoppard's "Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead" (which is roughly a hundred million times better than "Shakespeare in Love," right?) but obviously there are tens or maybe even hundreds of thousands of people who have seen each. Or maybe not. Shouldn't I be asleep?

Oh man, I love Rosencrantz & Guildenstern. I think I still have a VHS copy somewhere around my house. It can't be that obscure, can it, what with Tim Roth, Gary Oldman, and Richard Dreyfuss starring? And yes, It's so much better than Shakespeare in Love, full of great jokes, rapid-fire dialogue, and "what does it all mean?" existentialism. I love it; it's probably one of my all time favorites.

Jog: Holy shit, those movies sound awful. I don't think I could stomach them; even your descriptions make me a little queasy. It's funny, I have no problem with gore in movies, probably because I know it's fake, but real stuff like this grosses me right out. Even surgery footage, or shots of people getting Botox injected into their face or whatever gives me the heebie jeebies. I dunno, fear of death and all that, I guess.

R&G is my favorite play (I still have the book I stole from high school because I wanted to keep it) and the movie is pretty good, too. I'd join that fan club.

Another voice for R&G! One of my jobs is screenign Shakespearean films to undergraduates, and probabyl the most anticipated & well-received film of every semester is R&G. Even moreso than Romeo+Juliet, which has grown on me but whic halso seems really dated; even more than McKellan's Richard III, which is still fantastic; certainly more than Taymor's Titus, which was and is awful and which I've had to sit through at least seven times now.

I'm in too, as long as I can bring the much-loathed Hapgood with me.

"I kept waiting for you to delve!"

The funny thing is, I remember falling asleep during one screening of "Act of Seeing...", and that it was a really peaceful sleep. It wasn't the first time I saw it, but that experience had a pretty big impact. "Deus Ex," the surgery stuff, that's rough. Not nearly as bad as the one where he shoots his beloved dog decomposing over the course of a year (Sirius Remembered, I think), but there it is.

Your description of the Suicide Club stuff makes me think of the first film by J.J. Murphy, who'd go on to make "Print Generation" - it's called "Highway Landscape" and it's just a fixed shot of a dead rabbit on the side of the road. It's from '71, the same year as the Pittsburgh trilogy, and while it wasn't in the very first wave of structural film it always struck me as the perfect anti-Brackhage.

I still think Carl Dreyer's "They Caught the Ferry" is the scariest anti-driving PSA ever made, though.

They Caught The Ferry! Man, I haven't thought of that movie in years. I think i'm throwing that on with breakfast tomorrow. Classic!

I read the last two movie reviews while listening to Cosmic Jokers at 3 in the morning.

Needless to say, sleep was hard fought.

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