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I'm almost positive I paid cash money for Marvel's "Generic Comic Book".

Well, maybe not, I think I was still shoplifting back then.

Either way, I own the fucker. And it's still better than just about anything from the big two these days.

You are incredible. I hope you know that.

Man, I think I read a different issue of ODYSSEY to everybody else. I had one where Batman is shooting two guns at once on top of a train. Did that not happen in everybody else's comic? I feel a little bit sad about that.

Fun column.

I saw that post and thought "guess Waid was really offended by Aquaman vs. the oil spill" but you saw it and went all state of the union with it. Great stuff, man.

Fun commentary. It's potentially a bad assumption that Waid's breaking point was a comic that went on sale this week, though--as a professional, he likely receives advance copies; as a professional, he might also be behind in his reading.

It's Superman 700 -- Waid is a big Superman fan, and seeing JMS write Superman in yet another "What have you done for me" scene probably pissed him off. First, the story was done well the first time it was done, in Green Lantern 76; second, the particular twist of it being cancer was done in Supergirl right before the New Krypton stuff started.

Oh like you would forget the word contrarian.

I mean you went to a "crappy liberal arts college", right? Or was that retconned? I think one Economist vs Idiot mentioned you working on your master's at Harvard - wait, is Advanced Common Sense a separate continuity?

I bet Mark Waid would know.

It was Brightest Day Atom. For a guy like Waid, looking at Johns, or an obvious Johns-influenced work, is like looking in a funhouse mirror and hoping that no one comes up to him and says no, that mirror's working fine, the funhouse is over there.

Hey mark: the funhouse is over there. You're nearly fifty, for god's sake.

"Nobody cares, and nobody has ever cared, but hey: "pussy who needs to grow up". That's what that means."

The same could be said for your juvenile rants.

Juvenile? Ah c'mon, this is some young adult level rantery if there ever was some.

maybe mark waid read his own junk. (after what he has done to dr. strange he should not be opening his mouth that much.)

Way late here, but it's the Atom. Waid loves the Atom and cannot get enough of the Atom. You might have noticed in his JLA.

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