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Are there people who purposefully seek out locally-grown, organic pot? As opposed to Mexican Blood Pot, I guess.

holy shit, this looks like a lot of fucking work.

I've read the testimony on that Roman Polanski shit, and while I generally applaud anyone who skirts/flees the law, the man needs to be castrated. He knew that girl was well underage, asking her if "she's started to bleed yet" and then, just to be super-fucking sure he wouldn't have to support TWO children (read: rapee and her hoped-to-be-avoided future little Polanski) he just told her he was going to put it in her butt.

Anyone who works with that scumbag is suspect.

Also, yeah, I'm sure this is a ton of work, but I always look forwarded to these.

Forwarded? Geeze. Too much blood pot.

It's a toss-up whether "the taco of my ass" or "...she thinks cat-eating gives you night vision." are the best sentences ever used in relation to Economist content. Or anything.

The claim that T.S. has never used the phrase "boy howdy" doesn't seem believable to me.

A quick scan made me think that an Argentinian killed 3 British soldiers. I don't know how that could even happen, "Afghan" is waaaay shorter, but I held that misconception long enough to be confused that someone young enough to be a soldier would take the Falklands war THAT personally.

Picture from Videodrome, nice. I have an atom-bomb-boring anecdote involving my mother-in-law and "Eats, Shoots and Leaves" that I won't even bother finish this sentence

As for Hugo Chavez, there's this fascinating documentary called "The Revolution Will Not Be Televised," it's about the attempted coup against Chavez in, like, 2002 or so. Chavez seems really cool in it, and also it was hilarious when he said W was the Devil at the U.N., but the makers of the movie were a bit too Left-Lib to understand that maybe EVERYBODY in their movie was the bad guy. Like, since he was a Commie Who Supported Free And Democratic Elections (back then, heh,) the movie makers kinda ignored his own past junta attempt, or his vast praise for Fidel Castro's love of freedom. Uh... have I talked about this movie on this site before? Er... this post is over!


I never smile as much about the slow slide of civilization into anarchy when reading other people...

Japan is a dying fucking shitcountry HOW DO YOU LIKE YOUR MANGA NOW BOYO? Nyahaha Supahman Invictus prevails IN YOUR FACE SUCK IT

Oh, and how come you managed to say nothing about the great big cover story? What sort of change is approaching our Arab Allies?!

There's a link! It wasn't much of a cover story--just that the leadership of two countries will soon change due to the old age of their respective overlords. (There was also a special report on Egypt that was kind of manhandled into it.)

This article was great. Thanks!

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