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"In gathering my thoughts, I was trying to think of parallels I could draw between Pluto and other stories - whether it be Star Wars, or The Wizard of Oz, or Oedipus. But I honestly can't come up with anything."
What about Bladerunner?

Great insights into the story. I'd say you nailed that the books are more about what it means to be human even though its told from the perspective of various robots...

Hey Nina,

I hate to be someone recommending something else based on your positive review, but I think this time it's appropriate. Pluto is based on an Astro Boy story called "The Greatest Robot on Earth," and it's also pretty amazingly phenomenal.

I'm a bit of a Tezuka fan (Tezuka created Astro Boy), so I already knew the story going into Pluto. I think Urasawa really nailed it. Every emotion that was in the original story was really fleshed out and given a lot more room in Pluto. Urasawa is really impressive with his story telling chops.

Just a quicky - Read the entire series this weekend and it was amazing, but it did mean i caught a typo in your review; Its 'Brando', not 'Bella'.

Too much Twilight methinks :)

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