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I've only read the first volume of Nana, which was cool and I liked a lot, but stopped because for some reason, I thought you and Matt Brady kinda gave up on it cuz it started to disappoint. (Well, that and One Piece started to really eat up my manga budget.) I'm glad to see it's back to form though and the disappointing volumes make sense.

And manga is totally comics, don't let anyone tell you differently. I know I was waiting with bated breath for each book of Pluto....

While I can't say I shared your feelings of disillusion with regard to the 19th volume, I was right there with you over the last two, and the 21st one in particular. I can still remember a few of the images distinctly, and I guess I shouldn't spoil anything, but I'm sure anyone who reads will have a few sticking out in their mind. It was almost overwhelming at times.

Considering how long we might need wait for the next volume, if it comes out at all, it's a good place to take a break from a brilliant series.

I had the same experience you did (more and more characters I don't care about.) But maybe I'll go back to read 20 and 21 now. My wife spoiled the surprise for me...but it still sounds worth reading.

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