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I have no idea how you confuse any characters Urasawa draws, they all have distinct facial features. I can kind of see the possibility with Adolf and Gesicht, but if you're confusing Abullah and Gesicht it's a problem with you not with the comic art.

I have no idea why your tone is so abrasive and mean in your comment. Did you for some reason take my experience personally? Don't take it so hard.

And yes, all his characters do have distinct facial features. Which is why it's so striking to me that all three of the one's I mentioned above have the exact same nose. In fact, they are so alike I'm wondering if it's on purpose.

My tone was not intended to be abrasive or mean. I was only indicating that you misrepresented the similarity present in the art.

Abullah's nose is much more triangular than the hooked noses of Gesicht and Adolf. Adolf's is broader and more aquiline than Gesicht's as well. Their noses are not identical, though Adolf's is fairly similar to Gesicht's.

Nina is obviously a nose-racist...

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