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Favorite Young Ones moment: Alexei Sayle is holding the four hostage at riflepoint and tells them to get on with whatever, because, "I'm not exactly known for me patience."

Rik: (Snottily. As always.) "Well, I guess you're not Dr. Kildare, then!"

Sayle responds by jacking Rik in the jaw with the rifle butt.

I guess you just had to see it.

My dread kin and I were raised on this show by inadvertently counter-culture parents. We will still - to this day - recite Neil's "We sow the seeds, nature grows the seeds, we eat the seeds" hippie mantra.

One of the few genuinely punk TV shows.

But don't watch BOTTOM, unless you have a high tolerance for people getting hit with frying pans.

Yeah, somebody once loaned me a videocassette of "Bottom," and I got about 13 minutes in before my will gave up. The dismal non-"Young Ones" career of nearly everyone involved defies all reasonable odds; the only exceptions that come to mind are (obviously) "Absolutely Fabulous" (which scarcely counts despite Jennifer Saunders appearing on a handful of "YO" episodes and being married to Vyvyan,) and a minority of excellent episodes of "The Comic Strip Presents," particularly "A Fistful of Travelers Cheques," the one with Mayall and Peter Richardson (who turned down the role of Mike on "YO") as cowboy wannabes. Contains this great line:

"This is the Hotel Bastardos! You want the soft toilet paper? You go to the Hotel Gayboy! "

Anyhow, yeah, "Young Ones" was a supernova of awesome that burnt the talent out of its principals. Aah, no skin off my ass, I guess.

Bizarrely, I have only just rewatched the first series of the Young Ones. Is it something in the water?

I am particularly fond of the absolute hatred of the police in the show, who are portrayed in the least subtle ways as thieving racist idiots.

My favorite Young Ones moment is this tiny, tiny joke-- and I haven't seen the show since it was on Comedy Central so this is just by memory, but where, I think, Mike glances at his watch and some other character goes "Oh, is that the time?" And he goes, "No, time is an abstract concept; this is a wrist-watch."

It's a Douglas Adams joke, basically, but still, it stuck with me...

Bottom, though-- that was not good.

Thats a good one - my second favorite line like that is "I'm looking for my prince!" "Well, lets go see if they're upstairs with my etchings".

I really like this:

"You could plug any one of them into a sitcom right now and make a million a thousand dollars."

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