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I know Pennebaker wanted Monterey Pop to end with Ravi Shankar, as a sort of denouement of regular pop music and a way of pointing towards what he thought the future would be, but I love how the Otis section just reaches out from the middle of the film and completely dominates. Even Hendrix can't quite compete.

And, of course, sticking Simon and Garfunkel in for 30 seconds near the beginning when they were easily the biggest name headliners at the show is one of my favorite mean documentary jokes of all time.

I think I'm going to write about Predators because I think people are totally thinking too hard about this movie. It's PREDATORS ripping peoples spinal columns out and building statues out of meat and bone - what possible criticism can be made about that concept that isn't ultimately reductive?

The plural.


None of you were alive when this happened, but Hendrix and Redding's performances at Monteray were released as a single LP, one guy to a side. It was good.

True(ish) rock anecdote: Neither The Who nor Hendrix wanted to go second (and thus follow up the other act... or maybe it was first that they didn't want to go?) Anyway, Hendrix lost the coin flip and, like, pulled out all the stops, as you may know. After he was done humping the amp, pantomime-pissing on his guitar with lighter fluid, setting it on fire, and then smashing the on-fire guitar to bits... after he walked off the stage, Townsend asked him for a piece of the guitar. Hendrix replied, "You want me to autograph it too, honky?"

Last anecdote, this one is definitely not apocryphal: Me and a friend went to see "Starship Troopers" in the theater, but we were running late. We walked in on the scene where Casper and Muldoon fight for no reason (Y'know, where Van Dien gets suplexed onto a breakaway table?) and thought we were 10 minutes late... but we had walked into the wrong multiplex room and joined the movie 1:10 into it. From the point we walked in, the movie was nonstop mayhem and flying viscera and like that, and it ended after an hour and 20 minutes of Quality Kill with like no exposition whatsoever. We thought it was the most ass-kicking thing ever made.

Anyway, I still love the movie even after seeing the beginning, I think it's hilariously fascist. Those words never went together before, so, mad props says I.

A) Starship Troopers is non-stop awesome. I especially love everything.

B) I ignore this, because it compromises the awesome, but there is no doubt that Paul VerDutchname totally intended this a a vicious satire of fascism and war but

C) It was so awesome, that no one stopped to really consider what kind of sissy worldview was intended and just

D) loved the shit out of every minute unless they were

E) Dutch and/or hippies and/or allergic to A, C, or D.

I'm from New Orleans, and I say KILL 'EM ALL!

In Iron Man, i think the idea is that Howard Stark knew the arc reactor was poisonous, but couldn't create the element with the technology in his time, so hid the secret formula for later.

It's not made very clear in the film though, so I also thought it was massive coincidence.

Re: The "New Element," maybe Howard coulda thought up a new ISOTOPE of an element, or a new compound or something, but the elements pretty much just go in numerical order, y'know? Ununsextium, ununseptium, ununoctium, you get the idea. Plus they all exist for like picoseconds of time before decaying into a lower number that's more stable. It's all a buch of hooey!

Plus how does being inside a tin can help a guy survive a fall of a mile down? I could understand if he stepped out of the falling armor just as it was about to hit, but as is it just doesn't jibe with my prejudices about bodies in motion and their, how shall I put this, "tendencies."

I don't know anything about Iron Man-- an issue here or there aside, I never really read it on the regular until Fraction. So: where did all that stuff about Iron Man's parents being important even come from?

That's how I remember that big The World's Most Iron Man arc coming to a close, Iron Man's parents being all gross. Which-- kind of came totally out of nowhere for me, but maybe I missed a few issues since I can't do the art, but I don't even know.

And then the movie was all "FATHER." Which-- granted, "FATHER" is the theme of every comic Stan Lee wrote between 1961 and 1975, but like...

Is Tony Stark's daddy issues a well-established and important part of that character that is important for fans? Like, in the 60's, when he was fighting the commies, would he also just stop and be like, "I never told my dad I loved him, Mecha-Trotsky."

I always just thought he was a dude who drank a lot and liked girls-- which is a combination that has always kind of been enough for me. Why can't he just be that?

The Daddy Issues stuff wasn't any part of the Iron Man thing-matter that I read, which would stop around 1990 or so. After that is when the Hulk got his BTW Dad Killed Mom retcon, so maybe so too was it for Anthony Stark also similarly.

Pretty sure there are some daddy issues in Orson Scott Card's Ultimate Iron Man, but I could be wrong due to never actually fully reading that book.

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