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That GL review was awesome.

I'm fairly certain the only reason Stewart pulled out of Cowboy Batbop was because he got shifted over to Batman & Robin #16 when Quitely pulled up lame. He likes Morrison-- and Morrison writes to the level of his artists, so he ups his game for guys like Quitely, Irving, and Stewart. This is my theory, anyway.

"Cancer of the boredom" is now my favorite phrase.

To think that conversation in the GL review might actually have happened, no matter how small the chances, makes me a happier comics fan. Thank you so much.

say one more thing about newsarama, it's on -- believe that

this is the blog where hope, fun and enthusiasm come to die, replaced by a hipster's relish for wallowing in the mud of snark and cynicism

Can you film a reenactment of that green lantern interview as a one-man show? I would pay to see it.

I relish that mud hell of. It's a fine mud.

What did you think of Secret Six, if you read it? I was not juiced for it at all.

My neighbor's old refrigerator is where hope, fun and enthusiasm went to die the day he forgot to take off the door and his kid pretended it was the TARDIS.

this is a column about shitty comics.

There's no way that skit happened as is. There's no character that Geoff Johns hates, no character that he thinks he can't "fix" by turning them into a mass murderer, a cannibal or the like.

also this blog is funny, even when it talks trash about comics I like (such as Northlanders)

I think mr. ghost stories up there got confused and thought this was Postmodern Barney

Being too cool for hating crap is the new internets thing now I guess...

Who needs actual well-defined criticisms in your RoBW/Artifacts #1 when you have snark! Whee!

I have to admit I am surprised people are taking issue with the sarcasm in a feature called comics of the weak. That's what we come here for, folks..

Mateo brings up a good point - How seriously do you guys take the critique in this column? Do you write off the books that Tucker slags?

That conversation in GL might have been funnier in reverse, because the idea that Nelson would talk donw to Johns here biggest cash cow at DC is laughable. On the other hand her calling up Johns and begging him to put Hammond in the book because of the movie might not have made reading that a waste of time. Better luck next time.

Tucker Stone, your factual inaccuracies vis a vis the interoffice politics at DC Comics is appalling.

I am appalled.

yes i'm sure warner brothers really cares so much about what earns the most money at dc comics, by far the most profitable of their divisions with the broadest audience in all media.

" by far the most profitable of their divisions with the broadest audience in all media."

Thats an..interesting idea there. Any actual facts to back up the claim?

I'm pretty sure that was sarcasm.

What is it about this post that has attracted all the Tucker Haters? The depiction of Geoff Johns as some kind of moron frat boy? Jim Lee as a drooling retard?

I thought the Wonder Woman was the highlight, and then I got to the Green Lantern.

I think the Green Lantern is inaccurate, though, because it suggests that Geoff Johns can speak in more or less complete English sentences if he wants to.

The thing is, Johns isn't a moron. He's just deeply, deeply disturbed, and needs help.

I thought every CotW attracted the Tucker Haters? I suppose that has to do with the incestuous nature of comics fandom and the attached subblogosphere. The readers are mostly other comics bloggers/reviewers.

Once you get to the stage were you begin to blog on/regularly review comics you will already have invested a fairly substantive part of your life, and thus your identity, into comics. After that any attack on a particularly cherished piece on bullshit comicdom can be conceived as an attack on your identity, or what constitutes it, and must be countered to maintain a balanced selbstanschauung, especially if your sense of self-worth or whatever is already somewhat wobbly.

I guess?

"The thing is, Johns isn't a moron. He's just deeply, deeply disturbed, and needs help."

And also a moron.

I read a comic book once and I liked it. People who didn't like that comic book are hater poopyheads.

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