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Was waiting for this!


I am missing only two or three issues from this run. I saw that the collection was out, but I was already collecting the original issues. Been wanting to read this story for years!

I have an issue of this! Haven't thought of it in ages, and certainly not as deeply as you have. I miss those cool title pages too. I could be way off, but it brought to mind some of those oages from Miracleman, the earlier ones with (I think) Mr. Ivory? Is that right? Or am I just conflating my imperialists?

I have a feeling I am way off and coming off horribly. The dark side of internet commenting...

T'Challa is godawful. Get him away from Storm.

That was an awesome read -- thank you. I'm sold on this collection from the art alone, but your analysis, and passionate appreciation of the work, would've sold me if you hadn't included images. Brothers' reviews got me to pick up my first Panther collections a couple years back. Looks like a good time to visit old Wakanda ...

Nice. Any idea when Davids piece will be up? and your own next? I'd love to read this a soon as possible: very interesting.


This is excellent stuff, a watershed mark for comics in the 70s. Thanks for bringing more attention to it with this great piece.

As an aside, I'd say it's time for an Essential Black Panther. The Kirby collections were a great first start, though.

Bit of Krigstein in the "Malice" title splash, eh? Love the Buckler/Janson team, but knowing Klaus' willingness to provide great finishes I wonder what the collaboration was like, there.

No one seems to talk about Aja's Krigsteinian homage -- I will not say homage, I will say good sense -- in that DD story, by the way. Sorry, off-topic.

People call Buckler nothing more than a swipe-artist these days. They should hang their heads.

Oh, I'll be back to comment. Several more times, I'm sure. Swell write-up, here.

Buckler did some good stuff in the '70s - there's this one Warren horror short he drew with Wally Wood(!) inking, tight grids laced with flowing sing-song text, giving way to a page laid out like a skull... really tight, dynamic stuff compared to the more florid, posed art a lot of the Spanish artists were doing for Warren at the time...

And Deathlok, of course...you've been reading those memoirs of his, Jog? Pretty darn interesting stuff.

Often wondered if Englehart tapped Buckler for the "fuck you, Marvel" portion of his FF run, just to say "so you think he's a swipe, eh? Okay, let me just turn that around on you assholes."

I rather suspect it is Klaus in that title-page though, don't you?

Plok-- I forget which issue it's from (some issue of Agent of SHIELD), but it's a Steranko homage more than anything else, I believe.

That makes it even better! Thanks, David.

Does anyone know what I would search under on Amazon to get a copy of this? I put in "Panther's Rage" and came up short.

It's collected in a hardcover, one of those Marvel Masterworks things. So far, that's the only way to purchase it short of buying the original issues.

@Chris Jones

Marvel Masterworks: Black Panther v.1 is what you are looking for.

you won't find it on Amazon because Masterworks tend to be Direct Market only.

I am curious to know why did you write «Super-hero comics have moved towards a sort of hyperbolic SWAT team realism and embraced a try-and-be-quirky conversationalist style because their readers and creators want them to be like that, and it's the height of foolishness to complain that super-hero comics shouldn't gear themselves towards whatever will please the group, considering how poorly they sell. They're almost always accidentally art, never by purpose--primarily products, designed to move, that's why there's always more next week. Their genius moments are rarer, and that's a good thing, otherwise you'd go broke chasing glory.»
This is very objectionable, and I never found any element of the Don McGregor Black Panther epic "funny", by any means.
And Killmonger’s outfit is just fine.

I wrote it because that's what I think, and also because it's true.

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