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You're a complete fucking moron to dismiss Ezra Pound in such a way. I have no use for your writing.
I get that you're supposed to be this kind of hip, snarky and smart guy, but once it's applied to real, non-trash culture subjects, it's revealed for what it is; a posture. And one that won't make sense much longer anyhow. You know what will make sense? The works of geniuses like Ezra Pound.

I like those pieces by Talese on New York City-- not his book about the Bridge, but those more poetic ones that sort of zoom out with statistics, crowds of people, and then zoom in until it's... the ex-boxer giving massages to rich women on Park Avenue every morning between 9 am and 12 pm. Back and forth like that. Memorable pieces.

Ezra Pound a genius? I don't know about that.

Yeah man, you're not fit to suck the snot out of Ezra Pound's testicles.

Fuck Goethe though. That guy is a dick.

Good lord, I haven't thought about the ABC's of Reading in probably 15 years, maybe more. And...I can't remember a thing about it. I know I read it, but...gone.

What's really funny about the Chinese thing of course is that in the Cantos, Pound includes occasional Mandarin characters. And what's funnier is that, apparently, he seems to be confused about what they mean.

Why do the haters keep calling Tucker hip as an insult? I mean in what definition of the word does it apply to him? Its been awhile since his YouTube bits, so maybe he has really wide egg-laying hips?

I honestly wasn't sure who the author of these reviews was until I read "garbagio".

Ezra Pound? I guess people can be fanboyish about anything, really.

Anyway, On Film sounds interesting, I'm going to check it out.

I love that on the internet, being hip means either loving Scott Pilgrim or hating Ezra Pound. Preferably both, if possible?

Honestly, that's hilarious. I could laugh for days!

Tucker's right though, by the way. There are a few genuinely beautiful lines in Pound's work, but who can be bothered sifting through the boring drivel to find them? Where's Wally is twice as fun and 75% less racist, so - yeah, damn I'm hip. Where's Wally bitches!!

It's my turn to be a fanboy asshole now, because seriously - no love for The Armando Iannucci Shows? It's not up there with The Thick of It, but it's still one of my favourite sketch shows of all time, just a real nice tone, focus, guiding personality etc.

Not read The Audacity of Hype yet though, so maybe I should stop yammering and go buy that?

affectless distance can be so sexy sometimes
as long as you judge the dosage
too much seems condescending

sometimes you seem a bit angry!
sometimes a bit sad...
but mostly you seem to maintain the presence of mind to write something a bit funny

actually i think i'm wrong, but i'm too hip to use the shift key so what do i know?

I'm supposed to be working, but I stopped by because I haven't been to the site in a while.

I really like the book reviews. I read most of the Michael Lewis books, because they are short and they make me feel closer to Tabitha Soren, who I LOVED back in the day. Would watch MTV on mute just waiting for the news.

Only read the Pound book of the above, though. Yeah, boring. Sorry defenders, it just is. The fascism thing doesn't really other me though, seemed like an almost adolescent posturing on his part, for me. An affectation of danger and uniqueness. Naive in retrospect. Calling him a genius is probably accurate, in the macro sense, but when put against the best of his era, and against his own fairly puffed up reputation, I don't know. A little much, in my book.
Tuck- your site is the shit. I don't know how all these people with their Haterade got in the habit of coming by to bitch. I hope it doesn't put you off your blogging. Fuck 'em. This site is free, ain't costing them anything. They can suck a nut and go read something enthusiatic elsewhere.

Who gets all pissy bc Ezra Pound don't get his props? Baffling.

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