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Hung is a comedy? I've only seen a couple, but Hung seemed like it would've been a funny show if it were about the Jane Adams character. HBO keeps trying to make comedies without any comedy in them, though...

I really liked that last episode of Louie, or maybe it's a couple episodes ago-- the one with the trip on the airplane to the South. Air-travel humor's so hacky, but I like how he made it work anyways, just by... I'm not even really sure why it worked. It really kind of shouldn't have, maybe-- airplane jokes really are the worst. Just the simplicity of it, I guess. Or maybe it was the way he wasn't making jokes or reacting too much to the situation-- that "oh well" attitude towards the whole thing he maintains mostly throughout. I'm kind of puzzled by it, but I don't know-- I really enjoyed that. I didn't like the parts in the South as much-- I wasn't entirely sure what the joke was.

You know whut's some good comedy, Absie? The Kupperman portion of the Deadpool monster book. I gotta see a whole book set in the universe of Hot Pants Zeus. That is totally the thing that Morrison and Ellis would nail in collaboration, maybe have Ty Templeton draw it.

Did anyone else notice in the "Thorcules" arc from "Incredible Hercules" that the troll giant dudes were totally in the style of "Stig's Inferno"-era Templeton?

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