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Where are the Bad Girls Club write ups, Tucker? This season is straight fire.

Don and Lane watch Daikaiju Gamera sometime in December(?) 1964, but Gamera did not have a theatrical release in the United States until December 1966. THIS IS WORSE THAN THE TYPEWRITERS!

So the new Bad Girls Club is worth checking out? The last season had destroyed my interest in the experience. "straight fire" though--that does sound tempting.

I guess I'm the only person who finds floundering Don interesting.

What's with not mentioning the Japanese styled gibberish that Lane yelled at that woman? Seems like the kind of humour you guys would appreciate.

The second episode of this season of Bad Girls Club begins with one of the girls kicking in the door to the production center and assaulting one of the producers, then being dragged out of the house by a producer and the cops being called. 2 episodes in and it's already on track to being the greatest season ever.

This was the first ep of this season I liked! Don Was kind of a dipshit in the visit home but the stuff with Don and Lane was golden and I actually found Joan's character beats to be pretty good, especially the part where her doofus husband sews her up and the scene where she goes apeshit on Lane. Basically, this episode gave a couple of the neglected characters I like most stuff to do. All I need from this show is more and better character-driven writing and more more more of the advertising stuff.

ugh ultra-run on sentences. anyhow, you get the idea.

Dave is right. Not to mention they actually cast a real honest-to-god stripper. A proud one at that.

Man, I watched the first three seasons of Mad Men all in a row, and only truly enjoyed the part where the wunderkind loses his foot. I thought all of the love-interests were boring as fuck. The "Jewish Career-woman", the "Hippy/Open Your Heart" , "Party-girl/ Fringy Outsider" blahblahblahblahblah. Sorry, that show is 86% BORING AS FUCK. ish.

but y'all did get me to watch Breaking Bad, which is the shit.

I maintain that the best part of Mad Men was the part in season 1 where Bert and Roger tell Don he can't fire Pete Campbell and Don seriously looks like he's going to start crying. It's such a brilliant character moment, and one that the show never really recaptured.

So can we expect more BGC reviews? I mean this is how I found the show.

You might have ADD, mateo. Just saying.

Psst! Witzke! Over here!

I think you don't like Mad Men anymore. So unless Tucker is paying you, you don't have to write these things anymore. It's okay, happens to everyone: I watched Lost and X-Files long after they began to suck.

As for the Hung review, I think that's spot on, though I also think that Dimitry Lipkin really thinks he's all that and making a Grand Statement About the American Malaise. While kicking his characters over and over again.

Yeah, I basically gave up on Mad Men once Peggy fucked Duck Phillips.

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