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Piranha was a mess-- they ran out of money so you never see at least one of the key characters die...? An occasionally likable mess, so I get the reviews. I just felt like it really over-invested comedy-wise in Jerry O'Connell-- that guy just kinds of creeps me out; I'm not sure why; that lousy superhero show he did where he used hairspray bottles to fly around probably didn't help; what a creepy guy.

Plus: there is nothing I don't hate about 3-d.

But that said, "Omaha Beach" was pretty good by me, good kills in it, the non-Piranha kills especially, and there were... at least two good kills outside of that scene that I can think of. Plus: I'm really glad they cast Eli Roth-- I feel like he needed to be there. I'd really have rather seen a detailed making-of documentary, Hearts of Darkness style, more than the movie itself, but I'd say that about a lot of movies, probably...

Also: I hope they get Michael Clarke Duncan for the sequel. I would like to see that guy get eaten by CGI piranha. I would like that. They're talking about Thailand for the sequel-- I'd rather see some snooty snob resort, like I don't now if there's anywhere in the Hamptons where piranha could eat people, but someplace like that... like a snobs versus slobs thing, but instead of Rodney Dangerfield, flesh-devouring piranha.

Eli Roth's death was pretty Troma, I'd say... or maybe... my introduction to him was through a joke audio commentary he did on their 1998 Bloodsucking Freaks dvd; I don't even know if he ever worked for them formally, or if he just knew people there who liked him, but... his evolution into a semi-iconic horror/violence figure is just really, really, really surreal to me, entirely because of that.

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