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"Return"? Has Crain suddenly no longer been the artist for most of the current X-Force run? (TENSE)

I'm 'CRAZY PEOPLE' sadly... or not sadly? Blame Humanoids-from-years-ago for starting their publishing of The Incal with the prequel...

Yeah, same here. That was pretty much the only Incal material I could find on short notice when I wanted to start reading the series. (Still haven't been able to finish the original, sadly.)

1) Lee Weeks did an arc in the middle of Jones' run on Hulk that is just flat-out gorgeous, some of the best comics art from the early part of the last decade. The story wasn't really memorable, something about rural sheriffs and the government, but absolutely gorgeous.

2) I was in a comic shop the other day - a relatively good comic shop that should probably know better - and I saw a copy of Peepo Choo - sans plastic wrap - at the bottom of an "all-ages" manga spinner rack, right at toddler eye level, positioned right next to a shelf of Nancy and Archie TPBs. To which I say: AWESOME.

Man, nobody's going to opine that the Comics Journal ABSOLUTELY PEAKED in 1981 and that the crappy-ass criticism that we get now-a-days on the internet can't hold a candle to the brilliant criticism we used to get 25 years ago?

So, maybe I just spend WAY to much time talking to people wearing early-Comics-Journal-related-rose-colored-glasses?

(P.S. Does anyone know when the Journal turned in-actual-reality solidly readable? Sometime in the '90s, wasn't it?)

a: x-force has been back and forth between a bunch of people, currently handled by gabriele dell'otto.

c/d: i stand head hung. giant size incal arrives first week of december!

t: Yes, that Lee Weeks arc is the second story by Jones: great stuff in there. kids reading peepo choo: awesome is the proper term.

m: couldn't tell you, ask me again in a year or two. i'm doing these in as much chronological order as possible.

I bet Constantine's music collection is full of stuff he borrowed once from a friend or girlfriend and then couldn't give back because he got them killed. And he can't sell them at whatever the the London equivalent of 1/2Price Books is because their ghosts give him the old stink eye...

I just got a new copy of I Die at Midnight last week--somebody walked off with my old one. If I had to guess, I'd say Lapham's writing DeadpoolMax instead of Baker, because Marvel's hedging its bet against Baker skewering them the way he did DC in Plastic Man. I haven't read all of that one, but I know there's some bits in there that just shame DC...

Why would Marvel be afraid of being parodied in one of their own books? It's not like any of their fans are going to suddenly drop them en masse if they do, and it shows that they're willing to laugh at themselves. If that's really the reason Lapham is writing Deadpool Max, then that's just plain old stupid.

So Kev Walker, who I love, was kicked off of Thunderbolts to make room for three artists to draw a crossover storyline? Why couldn't Walker just stay on-board? It's not like his art isn't suited to noirish stories. Fucking awful.

Oh, and if there's one thing in this world I was perfectly happy not knowing, it was your choice of jack-off material, Tucker. Thanks.

That's a heck of a good comic page(s) from The Hulk there. Really, really good. Smashing storytelling on both the writing and the art fronts. Bruce Jones? Yeah, I know. But that's some fine storytelling right there.

I really, really hope Deadpool MAX is funny. I pre-ordered it from my LCS so I'm locked in! Don't let me down Lapham and Baker!


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