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When you said to look at the Justice League credits I thought it was cause the artist's name is "POW RODRIX", and written in that font too. What is he, a cereal box character? Does he come from Cybertron?

FYI, the lead in "White Rhinocerous" is Rosie O'Donnell. This makes more sense when you think about the car coming back to her on second sniff....

no wonder she looks so much like michael jackson

I need to read that DJ Bryant story asap it looks like.

hey, wasn't that the Hulk story that totally threw out a decade and a half of the Absorbing Man's character arc for the sake of turning him into a cheap psycho killer? I seem to recall that was the exact moment I dropped the book like a stone.

it was that story, but you got your payback--the first issue after bruce's run ended, peter david retconned everything jones had written.

If you are going to mention that Leandro Fernandez drew the worst PunisherSpaceMax arc, then shouldn't you also mention that he drew two of the best (Slavers/Man of Stone)? Did you leave your book full of journalistic standards on the main floor of your parent's house? I am assuming that you typed this from their basement.

Also, what did you think of Fernandez's arc on Northlanders?

that northlanders arc of his was pretty gorgeous, actually. story didn't do anything for me, but whatever, he got to tear shit up.

love that you knew kitchen irish was the stepchild.

I like Kitchen Irish, has a nice Snatch-but-meaner feel to it.

Also, I thought the lessons of Rush were "Kiss the wiener of the free market via clumsy sci-fi metaphors"? And also "Check out this bassline it goes like boonga wonka boonga vowww".

Actually, David retconned it even earlier, in Captain Marvel, blaming the not-Absorbing Man on an anomaly created when Genis-Vell blinked the universe out of existence momentarily and OH GOD THAT RUN SUCKS.

Hey now, nice to see some love for The Spirit. Yeah, the front-up is nicely done with some lovely art from Moritat but the stories are still a wee bit padded. And...the back-ups? Those are just dreamy. I think.

Anyhoo. I thought Batman was The Shadow stand-in in First Wave (hence the guns)? Probably wrong. In the absence of The Shadow The Avenger is The Man anyway. He kills people and has a big dead face! None more Pulp!

You failed to mention the lettering in your review of Thor. Internet says: "Tsk!"

I have never bought MOME before but I am buying it now. Tell 'em they owe you a cut.

That Credits box for JLA #49 is a sign of the comicapocalypse.


"It's about a guy, who married a girl, and the girl treats him like shit, and he takes it. Over and over again, she humiliates him, physically assaults him, sexually emasculates him, forces him into the rain so she can fuck somebody else in front of him, all while his constant weakness, his unfailing willingness to accept whatever punishment she dishes out, serves to perpetuate the hatred she has for him."

So . . . fetish porn?

Claire Donner is cool. She used to work at Cosmic Comics. Has great taste. That Ditko reference was a nice catch

Jbird: need to watch more fetish porn, i'm thinking. that stuff always has a happy ending.

JBay: she knows her shit, definitely.

mortal coyle: do you hate the David stuff or the bruce stuff? cuz those romita/weeks issues held up for me.

johnk: yes, to those spirit backups. the 100 bullets one and the earlier one with the two pager by justianio are my favorites so far.

Okay, so, fuck Starman.

"Hey, Uncle Ben, check out my new Viewmaster! The Munsters meet the Addams!"
"You're impotent, aren't you, son."

Oh man i'm deleting your comment and stealing that description forever. genius

STILL laughing at the name Pow Rodrix. I have a strange name but Pow Rodrix is right up there with Zap Rowsdower.

Sorry to disappoint, but Pow Rodrix is a pseudonym. His real name is Paulo Roberto Rodrigues. I prefer to think it's like Captain Marvel, where there are two guys occupying the same space and one of them has to be shunted off to the Negative Zone while the other is around.

Speaking of Captain Marvel... Coyle, are you talking about the original ChrisCross drawn Peter David series or the horrible U DECIDE "Captain Marvel is insane" relaunch? Because if it's the first, my sleeves are gonna get rolled up.

Yeah, I know that Starman is about one of those Josh Homme looking guys who hangs around a 50s themed restaurant in Austin, Texas and has a roadster named Nadine that they sunk all their life savings into, but I still think something happened to Robinson. I'm sure you can agree that his older work was not so PROFOUNDLY objectionable. If it helps to contribute to your Hater's Ball, in one of the letters pages Robinson said that Jack Knight was based on his personality.

That fucking Arsenal picture. Look at that panel. His arm is a fucking bleeding, recently savaged stump yet he's just blankly staring ahead. That's some unintentional body horror right there. I'm not reading this shit, is Arsenal really running around without arms or does he have some sort of bionics? I'm rooting for the former.

I'm talking about the messy U-DECIDE run. In issue #6 of that run Genis-Vell temporarily destroyed the universe.

I think the Jones/Romita arc stands as one of the best Hulk arcs of all time. The Weeks arc is also good. From there it plummets so far, so fast: I THINK Jones was angling for some satire of 70s/80s spy movie/Clancy tropes, but no wonder Marvel said when he signed his exclusive "Thanks for these scripts for your next arc, but we'll just put them in the drawer."

Jones' run isn't just bad in the traditional sense, it's condescendingly bad, as if Jones can't BELIEVE you suckers are actually putting up with this thing.

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