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I believe that the blind person is Baba Yaga. Hellboy fought her and, in the process, relieved her of 1/8 pound or so of ugly fat (her left eye, I mean.) I'm not sure why they're friendly now.

You gotta read these comics John, they're fucking perfect.

I do own them... after a fashion. You're right, I have all the new stuff, since, uh, War on Frogs 1 or Conqueror Worm. The rest of it's all a victim of when I just said, "Fuck This Shit!" at the sheer ugliness of 1994, and didn't buy anything except Hate and Eightball and LOEG and Bacchus and Cerebus and Joe Matt till 2006. Point is, I missed a shit-ton of great, idiosyncratic work.

We're in a golden age in the medium, right now. Since you can't have two golden ages, I guess we gotta call this a renaissance or something. Golden Age Reboot.

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