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Fantastic write-up of Rolling Thunder.

Oh man you did not just talk smack about Elephant

I gotta see that fucking movie!

You can see a lot of those seventies movies on THIS TV network, a hacky HD channel I get free with the ten-dollar Walmart antenna. The channel is something like TCM, where they must have just bought collections of rights and/or footage at deep deep discount as filler between the commercials. Watched The Mechanic last month. Awesome. Inspirational.

I just saw that fucking movie!

There's sort of a lull between the time they get to Mexico and the massacre at the end. I think the first 45 minutes and the last 10 were the best parts by far. Still a really good movie-I love how '70s movies space out the violence.

Heh, someone else who gets THIS. Such a random assortment of movies, but it was the first place I got to see Caan in "Thief"...

THIS is a fantastic channel - at least one great 70s movie worth watching every week.

Lots of crap, too, but definitely some good stuff mixed in.

Well, I guess I somewhat hijacked this thread, but since the damage is done...

I watch THIS almost exclusively at this point. When I had cable, I scratched a similar itch with TCM, but I have found THIS to be even better. I usually have heard of almost none of the movies, but the schlock is cool in its own right, and some of the movies turn out to be pretty damn good. Boxcar Bertha, The Mechanic, The Black Stallion...Little Monsters, for chrissakes. Little Monsters was on every Sunday morning for almost two months, and I watched it over and over. Fred Savage was pretty damned adorable, you tend to forget nowadays.

So yeah. Free pitch for THIS network. Glad to know I am not alone.

Late to the party addition: goddamn, I need to see Rolling Thunder. That is all.

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