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"...the only way to handle something so egregiously ridiculous as a bunch of idiots in scuba gear ghost-fighting gigantic dinosaurs while E-cup porn girls idly stand on the sidelines (and a panda bear shows up for some friendly wrassling) is for absolutely every single line of dialog to be delivered with a zero tolerance policy towards sarcasm, self-awareness or maturity."

You have been REMARKABLY precise about the mechanisms which make things good or bad over the past few months.

By the third Daken (The Dark Wolverine!) I was in tears.

Well done.

"Free rein" does not have a G. Thank you.

I don't know, America needs to learn the true meaning to pride in stupidity?

Re: Thor, agreed on most counts. But, when Thor works, creators can really groove on him. In more recent memory, check out Mike Oeming's Pre-JMS "Disassembled" arc where an un-stupid Thor totes around Loki's head to the end of existence and ends the reboot loop until, you know, he's rebooted.

"In comics--specifically, Big Two comics, a place where any creator with even the vaguest "celebrity" is given free rein to embarrass themselves as much as humanly possible, up to and including taking business advice from beef-addicted morons in jean shorts--a writer has no crew to turn to, as DC and Marvel have spent the post-Image decades feverishly dismantling the idea that the people drawing these things could possibly understand storytelling themselves. Instead, they have this: a writer who believes himself automatic genius, no help required. God forbid anyone reads these things and sees the banality that belief produced."

THIS. But with bells on.

I almost didn't read to the end for the usual I-have-not-read-any-of-these-comics-and-have-no-desire-to-ever-read-these-comics reasons...but I'm glad I did because the Margaret Thatcher line is positively golden.

Oh wait...I did read that Gantz issue. Almost forgot.

Oh, so Iron Man built that fucking car? About time. Hasn't the green-car been the focus of the last eleven issues? Every time I glance at an issue of this comic, Tony Stark is babbling about the car either to himself, to the press, or in boring HR scenes with new employees.

Did Maria Hill show up? Are they ever going to follow up on her rape, or does environmental awareness trump gender studies?

*spit take*

When did Maria Hill get raped?!

It's odd, I approach most of this stuff from a completely different angle than today's smart kids. I appreciate the pockets of excellent craft and don't fret the pervasive imperfection. This leads to a life of satisfaction.

I can equate it to politics. I keep voting for the lesser of two evils, then maintain a lovely spot in the finest sand for my head, in order to not be unhappy pretty much all of the time.

I think about when I was 19 and realized that when I was older, I would not feel All This Passion And Anger so strongly, because everybody mellows with age and I - exceptional though I am - am still just somebody; and I said, "Fuck you, older me. Eat shit. You suck." Now I can reply, "Yes, but I approach happiness."

The bowling conundrum: In a bowling alley, many people explode with ecstasy at a strike. I shrug; it's just a strike, so what? So am I the fool, or are they the fools?

Man, that Green Lantern is rough reading, isn't it? For some reason that I haven't yet been able to search inside myself to determine, I read the "Rage of the Red Lanterns" after finding it at the library, and after cringing my way through it, I intensely regretted the time and mental energy spent. I would say it was aggressively stupid, but that's not true, since that would probably be entertaining (see comments regarding Gantz above). Instead, it's just banal, a bunch of pointless drama about aliens and their magic ring powers whining about pointless nonsense that nobody on God's green earth should give half a shit about. People seem to love it for some reason, but damned if I can figure out why; it's ugly, boring, idiotic trash. Fuck Hal Jordan, and the green horse he rode in on.

What a maudlin mood I was in this morning - repetitive, too! Hey, 11-hours-ago me, your taste is crap and you're a pussy!



"The last comic I read, there was a lot of rape and crying. Kinda harshed my boner for fun, you know?". Wow.

ahahaha jesus christ larocca's art. if it wasn't for the words in that first page I'd never be able to tell she wasn't enjoying it.

glad to see I haven't missed much from dropping invincible iron man after the first issue.

I still don't see the rape, Sharif. SHOW ME THE COMIC BOOK RAPE.

Wait - Iron Man has actually had different issues all these month and it wasn't just the one issue rewrapped in a truckload of variants? I'm glad I jumped off when I did if that's the 'pay off'.

I mean, that's rape-y, definitely, certainly in the rape ballpark, but I don't know if it's 100% Kosher rape.

I agree it wasn't a Kosher rape. The Controller is too impotent to use his real penis. It was a post-human rape. Tucker, weigh in! It's also not Fraction's problem anymore since Bendis owns Hill now. If Bendis can show Jessica Jones berating herself and discussing Rick Jones porn while on the toilet, he ought to be able to address non Kosher rape. Fraction can stick to alternate sources of energy. I did love the invocation of the Casanova quote. It's as if Fraction wrote his own point by point sell-out program. I bet if we went back to his online column with Joe Casey, the Basement Tapes, we'd find plenty of other reversals.

I love calling people sell outs almost as much as I love comparing people to Hitler.

All the superheroes meet up with the Controller in prison and are like "Listen, you've gotta make your rapes more defined, we're all pretty confused".

Also, wait, is post-human rape to rape what post-rock is to rock? Is the Controller the Godspeed You! Black Emperor of rapists?

Matt Fraction is a worse writer than Hitler, Seth Hurley.

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