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First off, fantastic article and review.

Your description of the first 12 or so pages are spot on and should sell anybody on the rest of the book. I've told anybody in earshot that Cooke is a master storyteller and if those first 12 pages of The Hunter don't prove it, I'm really not sure what will.

'The Hunter' is fantastic! It's one of my favorite comics and I let him know as such in person recently: http://inazumastudios.blogspot.com/2010/09/now-were-cooke-ing.html

I cannot wait for 'The Outfit'.

I haven't read the books either and I am a fan of pulp/noir fiction. But I had seen at least 3 movie versions of the story and this book was still visually stunning...

But he's such a dick! I don't want to have to pay money to watch someone be a dick, I already have the Internet!

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