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No 'pins on Boardwalk Empire? I was curious as to what you guys would write about it.

I've been taking a break from Smart, Serious Television Shows for a while now, living in full embrace of my obsession with stereotypes and cliches. Ergo: shows about dumbasses who ride motorcycles and grind their teeth.

My excuse is that I don't have HBO. Maybe I'll write about how The Office has taken a nosedive this season; there's a difference between awkward-funny and just plain awkward, and good god has the show crossed it, forgetting to try to include the "funny" part.

I missed the first two seasons of Sons of Anarchy, but a reviewer friend of mine who liked the show got a hold of this season and told me it was good. However, without the context, it's completely lost on me why I should care about anybody. It was a hoot seeing Stephen King though.

I'm afraid that the same thing will happen when Breaking Bad comes back, because I've missed that one too, but am curious.

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