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What did you think the D&Q book was?

Had it mixed up with the second issue of the same (or similarly named) series. Was looking for that "Rates of Exchange" story by Mazz, this issue has his "It's a Beautiful Day" and "History of Civilization".

The Chaykin story in Voyages is pretty sick; all-color, in a marker-heavy scribble style he'd usually save for the book covers he was illustrating around that time.

Sinner is SUCH a good series... takes a little while to get cooking, though, and I think issue #1 was early work. Really wish someone with a shirt to lose would be a hero and bring over the two intégrale doorstops out now in Europe...

that Alca table was insane.

holy shit?! those John Carter issues are actually worth some bank!
Very nice haul.

Ah, you're looking for Vol. 2 #2. The one you got was Vol. 1 #9.

Here's a place you can buy one:


I'm gonna say it, because I'm Coyle and I gotta say it: considering how influential it was, and how many people have ripped it off- including people who employed Chaykin on their television shows: Blackhawk is a pretty fucking dull comic book.

I just know I'm going to regret this but my take is...Blackhawk is a stylish work of joy. The page designs, the snappy banter, the maguffiny plot, the sheer (beautiful)indulgence of the wordless dream sequence in #1...oh, Blackhawk! It is so full of swagger and panache I truly believe Chaykin created it wearing nothing but a cravat and a big old sloppy grin. Nothing else. I don't think Blackhawk influenced enough people. Anyway, if you don't like 1 and 2 I'll just maintain the last issue has all the best bits in.

Also: I need that Voyages. Thanks for the heads up.

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