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Oh man. I dug the first three issues of Bulletproof Coffin a lot, but I'm reading them digitally, so I haven't read past that. Maybe the sixth will knock my socks off?

Not sure how an excerpt from Gabriel's speech in The Dead is in anyway applicable to the new issue of Incognito, but I LIKE IT

What comes out of an arm-ass anyway? "This gentleman has digested Steve Rude" indeed.

If the only protection against nihilistic indifference is the mild humour provoked by occasional soaring incompetence I weep for the day yet to come when Krul is no longer a rare talent but a benchmark were all is measured. These are the special years.

Huh. Totally missed that the new Icognito started up...

Bulletproof Coffin... I don't know. I feel like I give it gold stars just for existing, more than being altogether very good. "Oh, there's a book like THAT again-- gold star to you. *Pat on head*." I'm happy when a new issue comes out and go out of my way to get one, and it's nice to look at, and they make up stuff, and it's nice to see the two kids from Hard Boiled get work, and I sure like that whole genre but...

It's just thin. It's thin soup. But I don't know-- maybe that's just my relentless negativity talking. Internet...

I dunno, I reckon that The Bulletproof Coffin's definitely heading somewhere, though I'm not sure exactly where that might be. Whatever the destination, I'm pretty caught up in the ride, as I blathered on about at length here:


Bear in mind the fact that I'm an easy mark for this kind of comic, and that there mere thought of new Shaky Kane art makes my pants soggy.

Also, Tucker, man, your review of Incognito is officially the best thing about Incognito so far. Well, that and Sleeper. Your review and Sleeper are the joint best things about Incognito so far.

Seriously though, new Shaky Kane art = I get soggy as a brown paper bag with a leaky carton of orange juice in it.

Also, bananas. Mushy, mushy bananas.

Is the Thing a vampire now? That cover freaks me out, but mostly because I can't figure out what's going on with his left arm.

Chad Carter directed me here from the Byrne Board!

great reviews - Chad wishes he was a writer but instead he packs boxes! he's a manly man!

Keep on keeping on Chadster!


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