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Isn't Wolverine in Hell? Why does he get a door? Furthermore, what kind of Hell allows someone personal privileges like signs on doors?

That door is not in Hell.

Well, good. I was close to being very troubled.

The end of that CAPTAIN AMERICA issue was so out of left-field, it can only be followed up in #2 by Leo DiCaprio turning up to *BRAAAAHM* him deeper into the dream. It is, sadly, one of those minis only pumped out to give to the imagined cinematic crowd currently running into comic-stores to find out about this "Captain of America guy". You know, THOSE guys.

I can't believe you're still reading BRIGHTEST DAY.

I can't believe *anyone* is reading AVENGERS ACADEMY.

Avengers Academy is actually pretty good.

I'm just not a big fan of comics which tell me who my favourite superhero should be. AVENGERS ACADEMY seemed intent on persuading me I should like super super love Hank Pym.

Fuck that shit, did you read Batman: Return of Bruce Wayne yet? IT WAS CAPSLOCK GOOD! I bought 10 or so comix today, I read BTRoBW three times and the other ones zero times. Later, my wife got lucky with me.

I din't read Av-Ac #6 yet (did that look cool? I want to seem cool probably) but I too say it's pretty good. So maybe Tigra-rape is hard to write a good comic about.

I failed to know about the Peter Milligan Batman hardcover you describe. Would you please tell me its name? I had been besieged in an enormous fort made of couch cushions at that time, if it's the time I'm thinking of. Also, who does Tim love-make with - is it Catwoman? Talia Al-Gul? You know what would be a funny name for a superhero? Bucket-of-shit-man. His or her origin would basically be the same as Batman's, but someone throws a bucket of shit at the window and then Duke Dayne exploits criminals' fear of getting shit poured on them.

But if, like me, Hank Pym IS one of your favorite superheroes, well, it's Gold Country and you just found your lucky pickaxe, brocephus.

Apropos of nothing, is it ever accurate to say that you "got lucky" with your wife? It seems like a term that should only apply to singles.

...I'm just full of complaints this Weak, aren't I?

"AVENGERS ACADEMY seemed intent on persuading me I should like super super love Hank Pym."

Wait, seriously? You got that from Avengers Academy? Because the latest one has this hilarious scene with him and Hawkeye where Pym's all "Ha ha Hawkeye, we're cool and all, we're buddies, you're a great guy, I can see why MY WIFE WANTED TO FUCK YOU" and Hawkeye's like "um... hey look over there, gotta go!"

Awesome, awesome comic.

The best thing - hell, maybe the only good thing - about Batman & Robin #16 is that it finally signals the end of all the shit plot threads Morrison has had running since Final Crisis and RIP. How many really good issues has Morrison's run produced so far? Club of Heroes, the initial Quitely-drawn B&R arc, and the Damian-in-the future issue were all decent, and maybe you can throw in #700 if we're being generous. But damn, has there been a lot of fucking filler, and a lot of it has been some pretty ponderous shit.

AVENGERS ACADEMY tried to convince me I should love Hank Pym the same way a cat trailing dead rats into your kitchen is trying to convince you to love it.

I'm pretty sure the monologue deliverer in Avenger's Academy is Jessica Jones, not Tigra. Which just goes to show that the colorer wasn't bringing his/her A game either.

sorry, that's on me actually--it's Tigra's idea to have the kid meet Jessica, as Jessica represents the Marvel universe's ideal rape-monologue-delivery-device. my wording isn't especially clear.

For a second I thought that controversul issue of New Avengers were Yu decided there's no reason a woman getting beaten up can't still look feminine had been the target of a subtle retcon to fuck with the haters.

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