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I'm green with envy that you two guys have seen this. It had one screening here in Sydney, at an underground film festival...and I had to miss it because I was taking my wife to a Johnny Cash tribute show at the Opera House. I don't even particularly like Johnny Cash (but she does).

Have I missed my one chance at true cinema love???

Ha, well neither of us managed to see it in a proper theater, so I can't say its U.S. cinema release was all that massive either. The French dvd/blu/expensive mega-set edition(s) is out this week, actually, with U.S. and U.K. editions to follow in January and April, respectively (purportedly), although I haven't heard anything about the disc specs...

This is a really nice article. Saw this way back when it came out in the UK in a beat up cinema in Dalston with a bunch of hipsters and didn't much care for it. But the stuff you guys have said have made me re-access my opinion (altho - not enough that I'd actually want to re-watch the film again - ha!).

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