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Man, that almost makes me long for the ham fisted Mark Millar run of "Ultimates". Well not really, but almost...

For a well written, Vampire + Super-Hero maybe try Kurt Busiek's "Confessor" arc for "Astro City". Or the first arc for Paul Grist's "Jack Staff". For a less serious and more blood and violence story try getting a hold of the vampire story arc from Garth Ennis' "Hitman"...

Or there is the current ongoing "Turf" with vampires, aliens and Prohibition era gangsters. A bit too wordy but you may enjoy it...

I think it has more to do with Millar writing all his characters with the same voice, which is that of a lower-class British person, hence the lack of "did"s.

The Marvel comics that say "Ultimate" on them are out-of-continuity stories, so Mark Millar can do pretty much whatever nonsense he wants here without worrying about it messing up other writers.

"lower-class British person." lol! Was he doing it intentionally? I don't ever remember him doing it before. The Hawkeye scene did jump out at me as a blip. I thought at first that the initial scene was some racist shit and I still think it. The second occurrence was just a grammatical error. Oh, Millar! What is up with you?! I want Nina to do a linguistic analysis of Nemesis. It's a fun comic and full of Millar's wide-screen sensationalism.

Millar's never had a good handle on colloquial dialogue. I think they're probably both intentional, and the first one is probably some racist shit.

I figured it was Millar doing a shitty job of writing Americans, and, yes, being kind of racist.

That kind of slang is pretty common around here. Millar must be tapping into that Western Massachusetts white trash talk. Wait, is "white trash" racist? What you gonna do about it?

I can say white trash, because I sort of come from white trash stock. Proud of it. But yeah, there's white trash, and then there's western Mass white trash, which is sort of like white trash in its purest diamond-hard form.

Also, saying in advance that "Confessor" is a vampire story is kind of a big spoiler, no? (I mean, yeah, it's like a decade and change old, but still, I remember not seeing that twist coming and being totally floored by it.)

That first bit of dialogue is definitely racist. I figured the second bit was supposed to be "cool" and "young," not necessarily trashy or lower-class (unless Millar sees no difference between them, which is entirely possible).

The comic pictured above isn't Avengers 3 it's Ultimate Avengers 3, the third in a series of Ultimate Avengers mini-series.

The Ultimate Universe from Marvel has it's own distinct continuity from the main or "original" Marvel Universe.

If you'd like to read a vampire/ super-hero story set in the Marvel Universe, the current X-Men (not Uncanny X-Men, or Astonishing X-Men, just plain ol' X-Men) is also telling a rather tedious vampire vs. mutants story, also with Blade in it.

You might be better off reading Pinnochio, Vampire Hunter, an original graphic novel from Slave Labor.

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