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"less about getting an audience to agree with it (stop fucking doing that)"

This is actually a big problem I have with my own music criticism, and music criticism as a whole(EVERETT TRUE is the worst music critic of all time). I'm glad somebody said it.

yeah, i'm not much of a criticism scholar, but it seems to me to be pretty obvious that the ship has long sailed on trying to convince the people reading your shit that you're RIGHT about music/movies/what have you. it's not going to happen, it's a waste of one's time, and it just gets in the way of nailing what you dig or don't dig about something to the wall to sit around trying to counterpunch what you think people are going to argue with before the comments section opens up. begging for support just makes it seem like you're not sure about your own feelings, and if that's the case, you probably should hold off on publishing until you're done figuring that part out.

old habits are hard to break, i don't know. there's never going to be an intellectual salon on the internet. no matter what, people gotta stop trying to create their own fucking army.

Nation of Millions better than Fear of a Black Planet? Like, definitively? If you asked me at gunpoint which was PE's "greatest" album, I'd probably prevaricate mightily, but in the end I'd have a hard time not giving that mantle to Black Planet - perhaps the greatest rap album ever? I'm not saying you can't make the argument either way, I could probably make as strong a case for Millions if I listened to one or the other more recently. But it's like Sophie's Choice, you know?

"liner notes" I think, unless you're talking about that rad new 1D release.

Steve Albini was a part of Rapeman which was named after the Japanese comic of the same name. There, back to comics in 2.

"While some readers will undoubtably fail to separate Weingarten's purposely abrasive public persona with his arguments, their loss is the don't-cares gain."
You know, this reminds me of something

I need a copy of Deadly Edge like, yesterday.

If you haven't, you should try getting the four-volume complete Beckett from Grove Press. Two volumes of his novels, one of his plays/teleplays/screenplays, and one of his short stories/poems/criticism. Edited by Paul Auster, the books are absolutely gorgeous. Auster leaves out the plays that were published posthumously against Beckett's wishes as well as any poems written in French not translated by Beckett himself.

And, out of curiosity, when 33 1/3 does their open call for submissions, have you ever tried pitching? I did the last couple of times and will again. Something to keep in mind.

i've looked at those Grove editions, but I like mine better. They're old, got sentimental value, blah blah blah i'm a baby. The Grove ones are very pretty though.

I've never been tempted by that 33 1/3 thing. I'm happy with my little basement apartment here, the little things I do for the other sites. I do like reading what they put out. Some of those books are pretty great.

For those who know the Parker books, what would be the best place to start? I'm not terribly concerned with the chronology; I'm looking for the purest form of entertainment that this character and story type can provide. Incidentally, my books-to-read list grows almost every time I encounter this column. Thanks for the great reviews.

What a nice thing to say, Jim. Thanks.

Regarding your question--you really can just start at the beginning with The Hunter and plow on forward with very little disappointment. The only ones that I'd say aren't that great are Getaway Face and The Black Ice Score, but even those are only bad by comparison. If I had a gun to my head and had to pick some favorites, my current answer would be The Jugger, The Seventh and The Sour Lemon Score. (I haven't read all of the books myself.)

If you haven't checked out "The Violent World of Parker", you definitely should. Trey has a fantastic site going, and I can't think of anyone who provides a better introduction to the character or the books. http://violentworldofparker.com/

Oh parker, 16 books in 10 years? That's certainly some consumable litratur there

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