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Jog, your review went positively Sim at the end there. Hilarious.

There was this University gang rape club scandal, where the Japanese Chief Cabinet Secretary and a cabinet minister both approved of the rapists as showing a vigorous and healthy sexual appetite, which if only more Japanese men shared then maybe Japan wouldn't have such declining birth rates and women ask for it and deserve it anyway. In just as many words. Directly applauding rape did not preclude them from retaining their cabinet positions.

Fucking fuck the Japanese male and his dick anxieties.


(1) In case you're wondering about Obayashi's advertising work, he's the man behind the famous Charles Bronson Mandom campaign, among other things:


(2) With all the Umezu chat, I forgot - there were actual House tie-in manga as part of its prolonged advertising lead-up... two of 'em, shonen and shojo versions. I can't seem to find any information on who drew them, or what they look like, or if they were ever collected anywhere...

Jog, did you end up watching Enter the Void? It hasn't got a distributor yet here in Australia and may never get one because, you know, controversy. I thought Irreversible was one of the best films of the past decade -- while certainly homophobic and arguably misogynistic, it was still an incredible piece of film-making.

Ugh, no; it's available in the U.S. on demand with my cable company until just before Christmas (happy holidays!), but I haven't gotten the time to actually see it yet... hoping for this weekend.

Man, when I was watching House all I could think about was how closely Sam Raimi raided it over the course of his career.

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