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I still listen to We Are The Night often enough to say that it has a number of high points which might otherwise be obscured by the wannabe pop songs. But the essential point stands - if you have to spend so much patience wading through "Battle Scars" in order to get to "The Drugs Won't Help You," you're doing something wrong. As always it was the B-sides that redeemed the material but pointing to the obvious fact that they could still do "it" when they wanted to, but they had to realize that the "it" they were reaching for on their LPs was nowhere near as satisfying as the "it" they achieved so effortlessly on their B-sides and dubplates.

I have to admit that I have a soft spot for "The Salmon Dance." It's just such a great awful single, and when the fish says "What it do?" it cracks me the hell up.

This is so good. Thanks for drawing attention to it. 'Wonders Of The Deep' on repeat this new year's eve.

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