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Best line = "whatever else it was that alcoholic vegan I thought was my father told me right before he said "come get these comic boxes out of the garage or I'll tell you exactly what it is that keeps me from loving you"

thanks for that trenchant showcasing of what makes a tucker stone diatribe work, amy

I don't remember you being this much of a dick in the past, Lugh.

lugh--you get that Amy and I share a source uterus, right?

WOLVERINE: THE BEST THERE IS is the most insanely targeted piece of shit I've read in weeks. There's a scene where Wolverine gets monged on happy gas and cuts people's hair in a nightclub? And has a go at Simon Cowell? The issue is how I imagine a WOLVERINE comic would read if you based the script entirely on things you scrawled in a dream diary at 3am. Like, if you actually just woke up at 3am and rang your artist and just hazily explained this awesome dream you just had. Only it actually happened.

I made it roughly 3 pages into that DETECTIVE COMICS annual before I realised the reason I couldn't turn the page was because I had both hands jammed into my eye-sockets. There's some nice art in the backups, if you ignore everything else about it. Including its existence.

I'm not sure whether I think the Shadowland storyline was thoroughly disheartening or oddly admirable. Now that it's over, I can see it for what it was meant to be, a masterpiece of scorched earth. Sure, Marvel is going to carry on with the pretext of rejuvenating their "street-level" characters via another pointless Heroes For Hire launch (I only hope they can top the tentacle rape controversy from the last series), but clearly, the true purpose of the story was to kill off any interest in Daredevil for the foreseeable future. On that score, the creators involved could hardly have been any more successful. And have we really lost anything in this transaction? Another year or three more of redundant Matt as martyr stories, perhaps. So thanks, Marvel, for that, at least.

That Wolverine book just makes me sad. I mean it could be the best comic about Wolverine ever written. But Charlie Huston wrote "The Mystic Art of Erasing All Signs of Death", one of my favorite books for '09. And this year had a pretty damn good new school cyberpunk book in "Sleepless". Not to mention his more often enjoyable then not Joe Pitt vampire series. And yet he still felt like coming back and writing a fucking WOLVERINE book...

Man. I try to be Mr. Cool Internet Guy once and it totally backfires on me. Sorry.

As for Shadowland, I heard that Diggle really, really, really didn't want to do it, but wanted to write Daredevil anyway, so he just phoned it in. If that's true, it sucks that they scuttled his run so fast with crossover bullshit. I mean it took them what, 11 years to screw Peter David with that, right? Of course, I could totally be full of shit.

It's alright Lugh, it happens to everyone.

Also Tucker I think I need to apologize to you for giving you so much shit about liking Rise of Arsenal since I'm pretty sure how you felt about that comic I feel about The Best There Is.

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