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Great analysis. Mythology rock? Nice.

Really nice bit of writing.

I really enjoyed the album. I gave it some time after release and started listening to it right around when you wrote this.

Kanye presents himself, and black men in general, as Lucifer - an angry, righteous Lucifer in an unjust Creation - and if anyone can do it, he can. His lyrics aren't golden but they're effective, and that's praise most artists never earn.

The only caveat, though, is that he's really pushing it on the angry, damaged brat image, and this album is its culmination. Calling your album what it is works, as long as the NEXT album shows a dedication to evolution, to growing up, to dealing with the contradictions and dark fantasies he's admitted. That movement is why Jay-Z still matters.

And Eminem's failure there is why he doesn't. You can't make art for a solid decade about being an abuser; at some point you have to stop marveling at the profundity of your problems with women. I think there's a good chance Kanye can move on from this to something even better.

I'm conflicted on whether or not I want to take anyone to task over the lack of Pilot Talk I & II. I want to so badly because they're albums that don't feel like organ transplants (initially well received and then rejected causing complete system failure) but on the other hand I'm fighting out of my weight class because I listened to Yelawolf and Curren$y from this year and I'm Completely Fine With That, since I suspect people appreciate music out of obligation more than inspiration.

But I am, in this aspect, completely insane. I'm venting. But Curren$y is the fucking shit.

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