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...that's more a sleeper hold than a crossface...

Sometimes, my other nerd passions overtake everything else

Why "fuck Spiegelman?" Why not "fuck Chris Ware"? Not only is that more relevant, Ware's a better target too. I guess Ryan just isn't as cutting edge and x-treme as you think he is.

Johnny Ryan reminds me a little of K.C. Green in that no matter the subject, there always seems to be a lot of fun and energy involved, with almost a complete disregard for everything except having fun making the comic and putting energy into it. I think that's something that should be shot for more often, being willing to inject your work with bad ideas as much as good ones. At least in my case, I like the bad ideas at least as much, if not more often, than I like the good ones.

Sorry lugh, my own comment got deleted: "fuck spiegelman" is just my shorthand for ryan's satire comics on other cartoonists. the list is pretty extensive, and yes, ware is on there as well. that probably won't change your opinion of the guy's work, but i do think you'd be hardpressed to come up with a sacred cow he hasn't skewered at some point.

Actually that's not the case at all, Tucker. My opinion of Ryan is uncharitably founded entirely on Blecky Yuckerella, which I HATE. I think I'll give his broader catalog a shot. The satire should be good.

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