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More than a little disappointed that The Klams don't seem to have topped this chart. You really must do better next year.

All right, I think I can accept this list; the top 10 is pretty damn good (and by the way, looking at the votes, it kind of fascinates me that Monster came out on top even though it only cracked the top 5 for one person; I'm easily impressed). I still find myself somewhat less than impressed overall (too much electronica, too many duplicate artists, whine whine whine), but I think that is due to me actually being aware of music this year. Last year, I had just started actually following music, so everything was new and amazing to me, whereas this year I actually downloaded stuff, listened to a good range of music, and formed actual opinions about what I like and don't, so I'm harder to satisfy. Snobbery: attained!

Still: it's good times doing this, coming up with lists of stuff that I want to recognize, seeing what other people like, discovering new music, arguing about what's better, all of that. I dig it. Let's do it again sometime.

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