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Yeah, I've always thought the Arcade Fire were pretty one-note - which is something that Frere-Jones gets at too, albeit in his usual vaguely incoherent fashion. They hit so hard back in the day because even if they have only one or two tricks, they do those two tricks really well. If you were just a couple years too early to have heard The Soft Bulletin (or any number of earlier references), I guess Funeral would hit you like a ton of bricks.

I don't even dislike them: I think Neon Bible is a damn fine record, better than Funeral even. But that doesn't change the fact that they have but one register, and they can't move out of that register to save their lives. The worst part is that they probably think they are doing just that, even though The Suburbs is really just too long by half and really same-y. I don't think I've made it through the whole thing more than once - that's The Sprawl right there.

I like Arcade Fire, but I'm with Tim re: Suburbs as being too long and same-y. There are a couple highpoints but long, long waits to get to them because all of the songs are 5-6 minutes. I think the problem is the first four songs, which really blend together for me-- the second half seems stronger but I'm usually pretty tuned by that point. Or... even on the second half, I liked the single fine for a single (City with No Children was the single, right?), but the song after that was the low-point of the album for me-- Half Light? Nooooo, Half Light. No!

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