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With the little jumps and everything.

Is that the same content as linked to above (which won't show)? Is Steven Tyler the sleepy black man? That's a pretty long journey even by Trucker standards.

Steven Tyler is well renowned for being a sleepy black man, but regardless, I have no idea what in the Christ you're talking about.

Yay, you're back!

We missed you, man.

Welcome back!

Personally I'm enjoying Chaykin's late stage 'Will Work For Food' period, but that's purely due to the fact that I'm interested in him and his career as a fan not due to the actual comics being very good.

I mean, did anyone see that Catwoman/Batman thing? It was okay and all but in the background of the train station and the airport there were exactly the same clip art people! That was upsetting. C'mon Howard Chaykin put that Mai Tai down, people are watching! (Buy American Flagg! everyone!)

Anyway, about comics and the not caring of: you care. You care a lot. Keep caring!

Re: Cartoon Action Nonsense # whatever,

This is entirely on the editor, the letterer would have lettered the right page digitally, and then someone in prepress has put the wrong page under his words.

Wasn't Magneto retconned out of his Jewishness back in the nineties? Didn't they retcon him into being a gypsy? Pretty sure he's a retconned gypsy now.

It's telling that a comic that features a round table anthology of some of the most popular (and profitable, don't tell me the dudes exec producing Ben 10 aren't swimming in an Uncle Scrooge coin pool as we speak) cartoon characters of the last half decade is in DC's "don't give shits" zone. What the hell? This thing should be pimped like crazy. Actual children should be reading the fuck out of it!

Also, mns, didn't it turn out that Magneto was posing as a Gypsy in order to search for Magda more efficiently or some such? A retcon of a retcon. A reset? Regardless, it's not impossible to be both a Romani and a Jew - I believe there's a small group of Jewish Gypsies in Israel. Don't quote me on that though.

"Actual children should be reading the fuck out of it!"

I think under current U.S. law you can now be prosecuted as a sex offender.

I probably can be too for copying your quote, now that I think about it....

Regarding the kids comic- it's an embarrassing trend in comics to have kids comic have the most egregious mistakes.

I let my sub to Marvel Adventures Spider-Man lapse because I was too embarrassed to keep reading it to my kid. For one it was AWFUL and second it just had so many clear storytelling mistakes and typos. I even tried to contact the editor but couldn't find info and finally tried posting something on the Marvel site's page for the book which obviously never appeared.

I really liked the concept and art of Mouse Guard but the lettering SUCKS (many times it's simple unreadable- fonts are poorly chosen and even text in word balloons doesn't seem to even fit- the guy needs a pro letterer if he can't do any better), the storytelling is often garbled (many, many times you have no idea which panel to read next) and it too has a sad amount of typos.

If my 9 year old can spell better than your editor then why does that editor have a job? Comics companies put no effort into kids comics and then wonder why their lack of effort didn't turn into Ninja Turtles money.

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