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The audio was hilarious, and Nina is my favorite comics critic.

I actually decided to take a break from 20th Century Boys after like the fifth "It's... it's you! You're the--" TO BE CONTINUED cliffhanger in a row, but I think you convinced me to pick up 13.

Looks like Nina got treated to the classic fall back condescendarama suggestions "Maus, Dark Knight Returns, and Watchmen! Oh, and Sandman!" I hate that shit. It's like if you asked someone for I dunno a good fantasy novel and they just yelled "WAR AND PEACE", threw a pile of papers in your face and jumped out the window. Hell, not even that because you didn't even ask for anything in the first place.

I don't actually think those are bad suggestions in and of themselves, but it is sort of condescending if like, you wanna get into rock music and someone is just like "Revolver Sticky Fingers Who's Next Nevermind Master of Puppets". If you're not even really thinking when you're recommending things then why are you even recommending stuff in the first place?

What was great is that I had something to enjoy when I was at work(the reading) and something to look forward to when I got home(the listening).

"it's a real fucking chore to read Fantomex in the first place, he's neither "cool" or "edgy", he's just an accumulation of traits that don't form any real character, a fictional embodiment of story gimmicks from the New Wave films and too-many-longboxes that Morrison based him off of, which is why he's best experienced around other things and never--as he is here--for extended periods of time."

He's admitted that he is a fake French British person. Basically, Peter Sellars. That's the only way to read him without being bored out of your mind.

D-the best part about volume 13 is the part where somebody gets no joke assassinated by way of dropping a full size tractor trailer full of giant pipes on top of them. Pure energy, as the song might say.

Sharif: I totally forget/missed about the fake French British thing. That actually makes me want to go back and try again.

Lugh/Chris: totally, those suggestions are fine and all--but we've passed that point, right? After multiple years, you don't get to say "maybe you'll like Y Last Man" anymore. Give it up. The ship sailed, sank, and there's no more gold teeth to pull out of the bloated carcasses anymore. These bones are fucking clean.

"he's neither 'cool' or 'edgy', he's just an accumulation of traits that don't form any real character"

To be fair, he's on a team with Wolverine, Psylocke, Archangel, and Deadpool. I think Fantomex fits in there pretty damn well.

I like to think I helped write the X-Force review.

I don't find it offensive to make basic canon recommendations to a genre newcomer, like, these are some of the best things this medium can produce, do they interest you? Seems perfectly sensible...

I thought Nina was more annoyed by the "you'll like this because you're a girl" part (there should really be a duration-slider thing in that player)?

The problem with that is that "comics" isn't a genre. So the target reader for Y the Last Man may not be the target reader for From Hell. You've gotta find out what the person actually likes before you recommend them stuff. I'm not gonna tell someone who's really into Pearl Jam to check out Sunn 0))) just because they're both bands and make music, you know?

Nina would like Tim Vigil's Faust because she is a girl.

I suppose I misspoke when I wrote "genre newcomer", I obviously meant medium. And surely a true beginner will not have any idea what the medium has to offer, and what he might like? That's the point of pointers, right? I stand by "established canon" as a good a place to start exploring as any...

There's an "established canon"?

I hear girls like "manga." Go read manga, girl-person!

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