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Fuckin A. One of the better reviews I've read.

Who writing it? I can't make out the names on the cover and my Google's broke.

"A couple of these characters have so many lines drawn into their faces they look like decaying fruit."

What a great line.

It's over, it's over, it's ooooooooooaaaaahhhhverrrrrrrrr!

Sing it!

Is this a creator owned comic? Because you shouldn't say bad things about it if it is. Didn't your other half tell you that? That makes him an accessory! Anyway, I enjoyed your review despite your ThoughtCrime.

Cheers and beter luck next time!

Well, you can kiss any Beat links goodbye...

Your husband hates comics more than anyone. That doesn't stop him from reading and also reviewing every rapidly decaying, crusty dog turd Marvel and DC unleash on the world on a weekly basis. In fact, everyone with an iota of good taste hates comics and yet, here some of us still are.

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