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Jennifer Blood seems kind of awful, it's like, hey! She's flashing her tits at the reader uh I mean, the bad guys ON PURPOSE! And self-awarely! HO HO HO

Like have we spent enough decades obsessively calling attention to our tired, awful cliches? Could we maybe just... stop doing them, now?

Also the domestic stuff is just a black hole that sucks in my human capacity for being interested in things and crushes it into nonexistence. Like the comic really wants you to understand that Mr. Blood and the Blood children are boring assholes that nobody gives a fuck about, which it does, but that takes like... half a page, you know? And then there they still are and so why am I still reading about them?

If it's just about distraction maybe a new and more PC way to go would be to have Jennifer wearing an item of incongruous headgear; like a fez. That would serve the same purpose. "The fez gives me the nice long second I need. The last thing they ever see is the fez."

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