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What do you have a time machine, dude? How did you read and write about these comics last year? ha ha

I thought it was kinda interesting the end of Night Animals, just cause that story was so cliche up until then and then you don't really expect it to go that place. Like a more artsy version of the Manara comics where sombody actually gets raped and you're like "this is horrible" but it's still drawn really appealing. I feel like Evens maybe has a pretty different view of sexuality than anybody else whose euro sex comics I've read?

Also: that comic is like the alt-comics version of lolicon, I was glad I don't live in whatever state that guy Christopher Handley lives in when I saw what was in it

All these people today in hats! Were they serious about this hat business they’d follow correct hat etiquette and, at the very least, remove it indoors and doff it when in the presence of ladies. But, no, they want all the advantages of a hat (i.e. Are they better than you on every level? Yes - they have a hat!) without any of the responsibility wearing a hat entails. So, yeah, Chris Samnee = awesome.

I did read THE WALKING DEAD for a bit but I don’t anymore. However “don’t you lose that goodness” is a fine and deep sentiment. I hope you didn’t make it up.

Nice work as ever, thanks.

I was about to put this article aside after reading THE WALKING DEAD commentary, thinking that there simply wasn't going to be another spot-on piece of thought about any other books for this installment, and then you had to go ahead and talk about BATGIRL, and how this book/character/exercise in average-ness just sort of exists for no reason, and really - with just a little bit of effort, they might be able to get me to care.

So Morrison is aiming low with Batman: The Heroic Age? Too bad. Might've gone somewhere interesting once the Death-Return blather was over, but it seems there is a distinct lack of good story ideas once the BigMegaArcPlot is put on temporary hiatus (because we shall again be told What Batman Means, one day).

BatmanRobin and Robin had good issues, but in retrospect they had the angle of "isn't this very different from how Batman usually works? What an amusing interlude!" Can Morrison work the daily grind, down at the mill, at all, any more?

"Can Morrison work the daily grind, down at the mill, at all, any more?"

No. I still want the last Seaguy book, though. After that, he can dodder off to write umpteen million more issues of Why This Cape Dude Is Totally This Cape Dude And Not This Other Cape Dude And It Totally Matters for all I care.

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