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I got to "Speechifying shitbag bitch" and then couldn't read anymore due to a combination of convulsions and eye-watering.

Who is letting Paul Dini write all these Hush comics? At a certain point you gotta take the pipe away, man.

and Invincible actually sounds worse than it was when I quit it a couple years ago

Will you stop fucking enabling Baker with Deadpool MAX? This is hackwork of the highest order he's doing here, and you damn well know it Tucker.

Worry not, Coyle. Baker is off the book as of whatever the latest solicited issue is. 9 or 10.

Which sucks, because his work has been stellar.

I think Marvel "switched it" to being a 12-issue miniseries, so yeah, the whole thing goes kaput soon. Which is kind of a shame, if only because no more consistent Kyle Baker, but honestly I wasn't that impressed with it. I was expecting Lapham to go all Takashi Miike with this and was bummed to see that he was restraining himself so much.

As someone who could not give a fuck about how you spell Jodie Foster's name, I'm obviously offended by your take on Neonomicon - offended enough to include an unsubtle dig at you in my upcoming 8,000 word exegesis on Alan Moore's creepy metafictional rape-gauntlets - but you're right, that is a shitty sentence.

It makes the character sound like the guy who found Being John Malkovich's "shit" in Burn After Reading: "I found it on the floor there.... Right there on the floor there".

So, in the end I've decided that you're alright, Tucker Stone. I'll still be dissing you in my next magnum opus (obliquely, but not so obliquely that you won't know you're being talked about), but you're alright.

You may not intend these as a public service, Tucker, but you seriously save me a lot of money every week.

I was so close to checking out that "FF," until I did the flip-through. Flipped it back on the shelf. I don't quite get this "COMICS ARE FOR *SERIOUS*" thing that Marvel is currently obsessed with. Like Alex Ross, it flatters the fanboy by rendering its circus carnival protagonists in a "real life" fashion, but still, this is the descendent of the most Jack Kirby of Jack Kirby comics. Drawing it like a "seriousie" kills it dead on the page.

And Ultimate Spider Man. Maaaan how many times do they write "next: THE DEATH OF SPIDER MAN" before they actually tell the story. Don't let me find out the bastard slips in the shower or something I'll fight someone.

Alan Moore likes him some rape.

While I generally like Kyle Baker, I gotta say... the way he draws Arabs? Kind of Jews-in-Weimar-Germany-tastic.

I would like "The Death of Spider-man" to involve a random tacked-on one-page silent montage in which Peter Parker graduates from college, gets a job in a call center, grows to a ripe old age and dies of prostate cancer.

Tucker, you really need to read Xombi, T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents, Scalped, Fables, Joe the Barbarian (soon to be collected, I assume) and the Daytripper trade paperback, and then you would probably consider the House of Garbage the House of Great Garbage.

moose n squirrel doesn't get Kyle Baker's explicit use of stereotyped caricature in the Kurtzman MAD Magazine style 8)

I get that it's an explicit use of an obvious racial caricature. What I don't get is that it's not used on any other ethnic groups besides Arabs and (orthodox) Jews. Ethnic stereotypes of WASPs, Italians, Irish, etc. exist too, but in Baker's work we mainly see ludicrously racist caricatures of Semites alongside sleek, muscly Aryan dudes - which is really fucking offputting, especially when there doesn't appear to be any special satirical/anti-racist content to the comic itself (as there was in the neo-Nazi/KKK issue). The caricatured Arab is just a buffoon and a punching bag, trotted out to be a stock racist caricature and nothing more.

Damn, that's a lot of comics. Isn't there a crisis on?

Also, nice audio post, Avey Tare.

I read all of FF, flipped back, skimmed it again. Couldn't believe it, but no, I was right.

Spider-Man does nothing - NOTHING - in this story. There is no reason for Spider-Man to be there other than to reference What If? #1.



Any chance you can revisit the "Lex Luthor talks to people franchise" for a grand diatribe concerning AC # 900? 899 was beyond shit

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